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Storm is over

After every storm there is a rainbow. Hold on and stay strong it gets better after the storm. Faith like a mustard seed that’s all. Believe that you are a over comer. Tribulations and Trials may come but for those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall run and not fall but rise up like eagle’s. Don’t let go of God’s hand never. God Bless you 😘😘😘

The Beginning

Hey ladiesWanted too take this day and share something that help me through a difficult time couple years ago. God has been so so good too me ever since then. This book played such important role in my life ever since I received it for my 21st birthday from my uncle he was and still is like a father too me, ” Women thou art loosed Bible” by Bishop TD Jakes. Yesterday sitting in church this idea popped in head let’s start at the beginning. Beginning of what? I asked myself, My Word God said. Sometimes we all need something too motivate and uplift us as womenHere goes, the beginning :First message: By Bishop TD JakesTitle: You are SomebodyGod looked out across eternity. He saw you. He saw everything. He had created and everything He would create around you. He saw the specific need on this earth that He would make you to meet. He saw the the full set of traits and ability that you would need in order to complete His purpose for your life. He knew what kind of environment that would be necessary for you to properly develop the Gifts He would give you.God looked… And then He created. He created you. You! And God looked at you and said, this good.Do you have the same opinion of yourself? Do you agree with God’s opinion of you? It’s important that you appreciate the way God created you because other people are going to treat you the way you treat yourself. They will respect you only to the degree that you respect yourself.If you are attracting people who don’t treat you well, I’m sorry but you are the prime suspect in that case. What kind of message are you sending that allows them to treat you poorly?In order for people to treat you well, there must be something deep inside of you that sends out a signal saying,” I am somebody because God made me to be somebody . I may not be twenty-one and wear a size seven. I may be seventy-one and wear a size twenty- seven. But I am somebody. “When you send out a signal like that, other people pick up in it. There’s something your spirit exudes that gives you presence with other. There’s a quality of inner strength that makes you attractive. It causes other people to recognize you, to pay attention to you, to ask when you walk into a room,”Who is she?” They won’t be asking because your dress is so stunning, but because your character is so magnetic. Projecting that kind of strength is not arrogance or pride. It is healthy self-esteem and the power of God’s Spirit with in you.The way you appreciate yourself impacts everything you do. It affects the way you sit in a classroom, or apply for a job, or talk to people at a social function, or go about the ministry God has called you to undertake. It even affects the way you pray and the way you study God’s Word. If you think that you are a nobody with no future and no value, you are going to pray with less power and suspect that the promises of God are for every body else but you.God wants you to appreciate who He made you to be and to develop what He gave you. He doesn’t want you to try to exchange what He gave you for what He gave someone else. You are a unique blend if talents and giftings and character, and you have a unique destiny upon this earth. You are somebody!I hope this message by Bishop TD Jakes brings a smile too you’re face. It brought so much too me. We will do this together and Be Women thou art loosed.Much LoveShaz😘😘😘


Hey ladies

I open my bible today and I saw Tamar and the way the Bible described her I could almost relate too how she was feeling.(2Samuel13vs:1-29).

Tamar was hurt and broken inside and trusted no man. Men ubused her and assaulted her. She was raped by her own brother Amnon.

Tamar was alone she cried but no one heard or helped. But you know God works in so many ways that too the human eye we can not see it. Absalom came , just when she was about too give up. He encouraged her and helped her.

And at the end Amnon was killed by Absalom.

Tamar was strong and a survivor. And reading this made me think where did Tamar find the strength too carry on or too live. It was only God who helped her. Every tear she cried ,He heard.

Sometimes in life we face some really dark times and there may not always be someone too turn too. But I tell you this from personal experience that when you cry before God and lay it before His feet. He wipes away every tear and restores what has been broken. He says in His word “I will never leave nor forsake you”. God loves you no matter what you facing. Remember He is with you and if He is with you who can be against you.

God Bless you