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Many times we go failures and at that moment it seem as if nothing is going according too how you planned it. I know this sounds fimiliar too many.

So let me share something short to let you know that failures are there for a reason. And it’s not there too destroy you but simply too make you stronger. Yes it’s true!

Have you ever thought about why you fail at something, this could be anything. It’s just too teach you something you didn’t know, so next time you try the very same thing again, what do you think is gonna happen. Absolutely right! You’ll get it right, cause the first time you failed but the second time you really put your mind too it, you will hit it right.

So next time you fail, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just give it another try.

Stay bless



Hiding yourself from the world or afraid too let people see who you are?

Sometimes we think it’s okay or it’s better too hide your true self! There’s just to many people who want to judge you, it’s better that way we think. Actually it’s not, we hurt ourselves inside and become angry and we feel unhappy. So why should me and you hide who we really are because of what other might think.

This is how I see things:

1: God created you in His likeness and image

2: We dont need man’s approval, accepts God’s

3. People will always have something too say, whether it’s good or bad, it’s how we deal with it that matters

4. We can never be perfect, so why try when God alone is perfect, let people judge just know that they not your God.

5. If you can’t be happy with yourself how can you be happy pretending too be someone else

We all have purpose on this earth and we will never know what our purpose is by pretending. We all have great potential that’s why we still here.

Live 👉 right

Choose 👉wisely

Be👉 smart about things

Dont 👉 be afraid to say no

Stand👉 up for yourself

Never👉 loose sight of your goals and visions

You got this👌

I got this👏

We got this 🙌

Afraid too talk too someone?

It’s been along time. Been going through some challenges of my own lately. But what even more hard is that keeping everything you feeling bottled up and unable to put you’re feelings into words. Ever tried explaining what you feeling too someone and it all comes out wrong? Lol that’s me, everyone I try explaining myself and my feelings it always comes out the wrong way and I end up being misunderstood. It’s terrible! So I learnt something new and it really works , I speak too God like friend, a trusted best friend , it honestly helps. He doesn’t point fingers and he doesn’t say it’s you’re own fault but He listens too everything I have too say. So when you feel no one understands you and you can’t trust anyone, maybe you could try God, He is the greatest listener ever. I would not lie. I would highly recommend this too everyone who ever feels they need someone they can trust. You have nothing too loose but something great and awesome too achieve the greatest friendship of all.

God Bless you