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Refresh your relationship: spend some quiet time together

Our lives are so hectic that work and family obligations leave little quiet time with our partners. We are so tired when we finally fall into bed that we rarely take the time to really talk to each other or cherish the specialness that is just ours.

Take a look at your schedule and figure out where you can steal a little time from the world for yourself. If you had to schedule an important meeting, you would make time. If you had a child in the hospital, you would most certainly take the time to spend a few hours there.

The time commitment does not have to be huge. The commitment to take that time does. This is the most important person in your life, not someone on a list somewhere under a business requirement and the PTA.

Take an hour here and an hour there to be alone with your love and nurture the uniqueness of the two of you. Take the kids to their grandparents or get a babysitter. Turn off your Blackberry and cell phone.

Use your uninterrupted time to do something you enjoy. Take a walk or a car ride and talk about yourself. Play word games or guessing games on the internet, laugh and communicate with each other the way you did when you were together so long ago. Listen to the music that was popular when you met and reminisce about the good old days.

Talk about movies you have seen, books you have read, sports, politics or national events. Talk about your future plans and how you envision your life together in a year, five years, or ten years. Talk about your problems and what you can do together to solve them.

Plan when you will next be together and what you will do then. And do it.

Stay true


Published by ShazzyN

I'm ShazzyN, or as my friends call me Shaz. I'm a vocalist, writer, poet and song writer. My goal is to inspire people, help them and motivate them. I want to be like a sun, who gives light and warmth to those who are alone in the dark. I wanna shine bright! ShazzyN

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