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There has been a topic that has always been in my head, “Death”. What happens when you die or what will happen to my husband and children if I should die. It’s been really worrying me. Lost my aunt few days ago and I saw my cousins broken and lost. I thought that could be me. The thought of am I ready or is any person ready for it. Have I lived and did I do what I was placed on this earth to do. I can honestly answer and say I have not. How do one be ready for death, when it comes unexpectedly. It can happen in a blink of an eye.

So many lives

I came to realize that life should not be lived in fear. Fear is not of God but the enemy trying to hold you back. I wrote about fear weeks ago. The very same thing trying to creap up on me. We are stronger than fear. We should not let it control our lives. Life should be enjoyed till the end and there should not be any regrets. Here is 3 steps to follow to avoid feeling trapped by fear of death:

  1. Start doing something you love , when we shift our focus by doing something we love will help with anxiety of feeling fearful of something
  2. Try a new hobby, get involve in your community or even your church. Helping others always made me feel like a hero. In other words stop focusing on yourself just for second will have the most amazing effect on once self esteem.
  3. Be adventurous, now this might be a little hard considering you feeling fearful of something. Add a little adventure to your lifestyle might just be what you need. Go hiking with a few friends can be awesome way too get out of your shell from the fear death.

Remember you are way stronger than you look, never let one word hold you back from living your life. Fear is everywhere and it’s one word. God is powerful and will always have your back, we need too trust in Him and let him control our life not a word.

Stay awesome, Stay blessed

Much love


Published by ShazzyN

I'm ShazzyN, or as my friends call me Shaz. I'm a vocalist, writer, poet and song writer. My goal is to inspire people, help them and motivate them. I want to be like a sun, who gives light and warmth to those who are alone in the dark. I wanna shine bright! ShazzyN

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