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Running away

Have you ever wondered why when you turned or ran away from something you don’t want too deal with or something you feel you can not handle, you always find yourself back in the same position.

No matter how hard you will try too hide yourself from facing that problem or fear, until you deal with it, it will always in some way return back in your life . Fear need to be dealt with not running away from it. It’s the fear that hold you back. The more we run away from it, it will be there and returning in our lives. Fear is not of God but from the enemy. He knows your weakness and uses it against us. Running away from our problems or biggest obstacles in our life will not make our lives perfect or even completed. Instead it will make you feel incomplete because we haven’t dealt with that one obstacle. This could be anything from the smallest thing possible. Trails comes not too hold us back but to make us stronger and better, also it gives us wisdom and understanding. We need too face our trails and fears, not run away from it. It’s the smallest and fastest solution.

After we have dealt with our fears God’s steps in and guides us through cause we faced our fears and we haven’t ran away from it. God wants us too be what He created us too be in His likeness and image. Don’t be controlled by your fear. God knows how much we can handle and He will never give you something He know you can not handle. He created us, only the creator knows what his creations purpose is. You strong enough too face your fears. Dont be controlled by your fears. Don’t run away! Face it head on.

Stop hiding behid your fear. You control your fear. Live your life and be who you are called too be.

Stay Blessed


Published by ShazzyN

I'm ShazzyN, or as my friends call me Shaz. I'm a vocalist, writer, poet and song writer. My goal is to inspire people, help them and motivate them. I want to be like a sun, who gives light and warmth to those who are alone in the dark. I wanna shine bright! ShazzyN

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