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Many times we go failures and at that moment it seem as if nothing is going according too how you planned it. I know this sounds fimiliar too many.

So let me share something short to let you know that failures are there for a reason. And it’s not there too destroy you but simply too make you stronger. Yes it’s true!

Have you ever thought about why you fail at something, this could be anything. It’s just too teach you something you didn’t know, so next time you try the very same thing again, what do you think is gonna happen. Absolutely right! You’ll get it right, cause the first time you failed but the second time you really put your mind too it, you will hit it right.

So next time you fail, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just give it another try.

Stay bless


Published by ShazzyN

I'm ShazzyN, or as my friends call me Shaz. I'm a vocalist, writer, poet and song writer. My goal is to inspire people, help them and motivate them. I want to be like a sun, who gives light and warmth to those who are alone in the dark. I wanna shine bright! ShazzyN

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