Down and Out

Be strong

We live in a world where right now we might not see tomorrow. We live amongst a deadly virus that spreaded throughout the entire world over night. We facing fear, hurt, pain and sorrow. Right now where ever you are you feel troubled and so much thoughts running through your mind, am I going too see tomorrow. The fear of not knowing what tomorrow hold is scary. We might not see our family again. Then there is job loses, homelessness, financial stress, poverty. We face so many different problems on a daily basis and we begin too feel overwhelmed by what is happening in our life and in this world. This can take a toll on our lives and in we even loose ourselves because of what we face.

There no perfect person in this world, even when searching you will never find that person. We all have faults. The real question we should ask ourselves what do you do when you have fallen and find yourself down and out. That moment when you ask yourself what am I doing with my life. When you feel there is no hope or feel no joy in your life. What do you want too do?

Hold on too Him

I believe that is the moment that God wants too step in. See God is a jealous God and He wants too be wanted and needed in your life. Sorrow only lasts for a moment but the joy of God lasts entenaly. The moment you let God step in your life there is a present of peace and joy that over takes your life. Again we have too choose what we want in your life. God’s hands and his arms are always open wide and He will never turns His own creations aways. We his children.

The things of this world can eat you up whole, without you seeing it coming. Trails and tribulations will always come and test your faith and give you a push, but “For those you wait upon the Lord will mount up like eagles, they will rise and not fall”. What ever you facing is not permanent. What we forget sometimes is that God will never give you something you can not handle. He knows what and how much you can handle. Only He knows our strength.

Believe in Him

You got this, God got you! Sometimes we have too encourage ourselves. You stronger than what you think. You were created in His likeness and image. Never loose yourself because of the situation you are in. Choose differently, choose God.

Stay Bless


Running away

Have you ever wondered why when you turned or ran away from something you don’t want too deal with or something you feel you can not handle, you always find yourself back in the same position.

No matter how hard you will try too hide yourself from facing that problem or fear, until you deal with it, it will always in some way return back in your life . Fear need to be dealt with not running away from it. It’s the fear that hold you back. The more we run away from it, it will be there and returning in our lives. Fear is not of God but from the enemy. He knows your weakness and uses it against us. Running away from our problems or biggest obstacles in our life will not make our lives perfect or even completed. Instead it will make you feel incomplete because we haven’t dealt with that one obstacle. This could be anything from the smallest thing possible. Trails comes not too hold us back but to make us stronger and better, also it gives us wisdom and understanding. We need too face our trails and fears, not run away from it. It’s the smallest and fastest solution.

After we have dealt with our fears God’s steps in and guides us through cause we faced our fears and we haven’t ran away from it. God wants us too be what He created us too be in His likeness and image. Don’t be controlled by your fear. God knows how much we can handle and He will never give you something He know you can not handle. He created us, only the creator knows what his creations purpose is. You strong enough too face your fears. Dont be controlled by your fears. Don’t run away! Face it head on.

Stop hiding behid your fear. You control your fear. Live your life and be who you are called too be.

Stay Blessed



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It’s so easy to allow negativity from work spoil your day, just like that. By allowing it too let it you simply doing it to yourself. It’s easy choose! That easy just choose

Why should we allow someone else who is having a bad spoil your day, specially your boss. You choose its your life, you choose positivity or negativity.

If you want to attract positivity surrounding yourself with people with positive attitude it’s so important and it adds too your life and it’s not taking away.

Don’t surround yourself with people who are closed minded, it adds no benefits but it will take away from you so much. Those are negative people. Simple run away from them.

When you feel positive you act positive and positive things starts happening around you and to you.

Stay Blessed



Many times we go failures and at that moment it seem as if nothing is going according too how you planned it. I know this sounds fimiliar too many.

So let me share something short to let you know that failures are there for a reason. And it’s not there too destroy you but simply too make you stronger. Yes it’s true!

Have you ever thought about why you fail at something, this could be anything. It’s just too teach you something you didn’t know, so next time you try the very same thing again, what do you think is gonna happen. Absolutely right! You’ll get it right, cause the first time you failed but the second time you really put your mind too it, you will hit it right.

So next time you fail, don’t be so hard on yourself. Just give it another try.

Stay bless


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